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What is Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisted veins, usually on the legs. They are caused by weakened valves in the veins that allow blood to flow in the wrong direction and pool in the veins. Varicose veins can cause aching pain and discomfort and can lead to more serious problems such as blood clots, skin ulcers, and bleeding.

Varicose Veins Surgery:

At Felix Hospital, we offer the most advanced and comprehensive Varicose veins surgery available. Our surgeons are highly experienced and specialize in minimally invasive techniques that provide excellent results with minimal scarring and a quick recovery time, to ensure the best treatment for varicose veins to you. Not only this, We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care, and that’s the striking reason why people choose Felix Hospital for the best varicose veins surgery in noida. Our surgeons are also dedicated to providing personalized care and attention to each patient, ensuring that their individual needs are met. So if you are looking for varicose veins surgery cost for availing of the best varicose veins treatment, then without a doubt Felix Hospital is the perfect stop for your prolonged search.

Symptoms of Varicose Veins:

Causes of Varicose Veins:

Why You Should Not Delay Varicose Veins Surgery?

Why Laser Surgery for Varicose Veins?

Advantages of Varicose Veins Treatment

Open Surgery Laser Surgery
Cuts Multiple Minimal
Scar & Stitches Multiple Minimal
Procedure Painful Minimal Pain
Blood Lose High Minimal
Infection Chances High Minimal
Recovery Bed Rest Fast Recovery
Hospital Duration 3-4 Days 1 Day
Technology Outdated Advanced

What is the Cost of Varicose Veins Surgery?

The following variables affect varicose veins surgery cost:

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Why Felix Hospital?

Felix Hospital vs Others

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

Open surgery Other Felix
Fre Follow-up Consultation
24x7 Care Coordinator
No Cost EMI
Pickup & Drop Services
Hospital Duration Long Short
Minimum Paper Work

Our Expertise Doctors

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Patient Testimonial

I had been suffering from varicose veins for years and had tried many treatments with no success. I was so relieved when I found Felix Hospital and its varicose veins treatment. After just a few treatments, I could already see a huge difference in the appearance of my legs. I'm so thankful for the care and attention I received from the staff at Felix Hospital.

Monu Goyal

I was so embarrassed by my varicose veins that I was afraid to go out in public. After my treatment at Felix Hospital, I can now wear shorts and skirts without feeling self-conscious. I'm so grateful for the care and expertise of the staff at Felix Hospital.

Karan Gurjar

I had been dealing with varicose veins for quite a long time, I tried a few options but nothing was working. Then came Felix Hospital to my ultimate rescue. After just a few treatments, the appearance of my legs started changing miraculously, and very soon it became all normal. My heartfelt thanks to Felix Hospital, and its best team of doctors and staff.

Deepant Singh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who has the highest chance of getting Varicose veins?

Varicose veins can affect everyone, although women are more likely than males to get them. Pregnant women are more prone to danger.

Do Varicose veins occur often?

One in three persons has varicose veins, which is a prevalent condition. Varicose veins can, however, be more likely to form in some people due to certain risk factors. On the legs and feet, varicose veins are very common.

Are Varicose veins a significant health risk?

If neglected, the problem typically gets worse over time and may result in symptoms. In severe situations, venous insufficiency can occur, obstructing blood flow back to the heart.

Are Varicose veins only found in older women?

No, varicose veins can occur in people of any age. Varicose veins affect men and women from their 20s to their 90s. Age, gender, lifestyle, and family history are risk factors that raise the likelihood of developing them.

Can Varicose veins recur after treatment?

Current varicose vein treatments are quite effective. Venous insufficiency or weak vein valves, however, cannot be cured.  This can lead to more abnormal veins becoming varicose veins.

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