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What is Tympanoplasty (Ear Drum Surgery)?

Tympanoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to repair ruptured eardrums or to reconstruct the small bones in the middle ear. The tissue dividing your ear canal and your middle ear is called your eardrum (tympanic membrane). There is a hole in the tissue of your eardrum when it ruptures. This hole prevents your eardrum from vibrating, which could impair your hearing. The procedure involves making an incision behind the ear and using a graft to repair the eardrum or reconstruct the bones. Tympanoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia and is often done on an outpatient basis.

Best Tympanoplasty in Noida

Felix Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that provides a wide range of medical services, including ear, nose, and throat (ENT) treatments. We have the latest technology and equipment along with a team of highly qualified and experienced ENT specialists who are trained in performing Tympanoplasty surgeries. So if you are looking for tympanoplasty near me, you can simply relax and choose Felix Hospital for getting the best experience. Besides, the hospital has state-of-the-art operation theaters and recovery rooms that are equipped with advanced monitoring systems to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients. Now if you are considering the best tympanoplasty surgery in noida, then contact Felix Hospital to schedule a consultation with their ENT specialists. The ENT specialists at Felix Hospital conduct a thorough examination of the patient’s condition and medical history before recommending the surgery. They also provide post-operative care and follow-up consultations to ensure a speedy recovery. The hospital provides personalized care and attention to each patient. So now you must have understood why Felix Hospital is the best tympanoplasty hospital in noida.

Symptoms of Ruptured Eardrum:

Why is Tympanoplasty done?

Why You Should Not Delay Tympanoplasty?

Causes of Anal Fissure:

Why Laser Procedure?

Advantages of Tympanoplasty Treatment

Open Surgery Laser Surgery
Cuts Multiple Minimal
Scar & Stitches Multiple Minimal
Procedure Painful Minimal Pain
Blood Lose High Minimal
Infection Chances High Minimal
Recovery Bed Rest Fast Recovery
Hospital Duration 3-4 Days 1 Day
Technology Outdated Advanced

What is the Cost of Tympanoplasty?

The following factors determine the Tympanoplasty surgery cost:

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Why Felix Hospital?

Felix Hospital vs Others

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

Open surgery Other Felix
Free Follow-up Consultation
24x7 Care Coordinator
No Cost EMI
Pickup & Drop Services
Hospital Duration Long Short
Minimum Paper Work
Open Surgery Laser Surgery
Cuts 8-10cm 1cm
Scar & Stitches Big Minimal
Painless Procedure No Minimal
Infection Chances High Very Low
Recovery 3-4 weeks 3-4 Days
Hospital Duration Long Short

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Patient Testimonial

I had been suffering from chronic ear infections for years and had lost my hearing in one ear. After undergoing tympanoplasty at Felix Hospital in Noida, I can hear again! The surgery was successful, and the staff at the hospital was very supportive throughout my recovery.

Neha Bhatia

I was very nervous about undergoing surgery, but the team at Felix Hospital made me feel comfortable and confident. The tympanoplasty procedure was quick and painless, and I am now able to hear clearly again. Thank you, Felix Hospital!

Raghuvendra Singh

I had a perforated eardrum and was experiencing severe pain and hearing loss. After consulting with the doctors at Felix Hospital, I underwent tympanoplasty surgery. The procedure was successful, and I am now pain-free and able to hear again. I highly recommend Felix Hospital for anyone in need of ear surgery.

Jyotika Gupta

I had been struggling with hearing loss for years and was hesitant to undergo surgery. However, after consulting with the team at Felix Hospital, I decided to undergo tympanoplasty. The surgery was a success, and I am now able to hear clearly again. The staff at Felix Hospital was very supportive throughout the entire process.

Nagendra Kohli

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hearing issues possible to recur after tympanoplasty?
No. After a tympanoplasty, hearing issues typically do not return. However, if there is significant scarring in the tissues around the tympanum, the patient could occasionally suffer from considerable hearing loss.
Does tympanoplasty hurt?
Tympanoplasty is a completely painless procedure that can be carried out under either general or local anesthesia. Throughout the first 24 hours following surgery, there could be some little pain and discomfort. In severe circumstances, this discomfort could linger for a full week./span>
Does tympanoplasty have an impact on taste?
For a while following tympanoplasty surgery, a little change in taste is typical. Usually, it goes away on its own after some time, but in a few rare instances, it could last forever if the chorda tympani nerve is damaged.
How long does tympanoplasty recovery take?
After a tympanoplasty, full healing takes two to three months. You can resume your regular activities within two weeks of the surgery after the stitches have been removed, which happens around a week following the procedure.
What are the common hearing problems?
The most common reasons behind hearing problems that can lead to permanent hearing loss are damage/dysfunction of the eustachian tube, recurring ear infections, tympanic membrane perforation, cholesteatoma, etc.

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