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Kidney Stone
Kidney Stone

What is Kidney Stone?

Solid salt and mineral deposits in your kidneys are known as Kidney stones. It is a solid mass or crystal that can be as little as a sand grain or as large as a golf ball, and it has an irregular shape. Because kidney stones are so little, you could occasionally not even be aware that you have one. Kidney stones can happen to anyone at any age, but they are more common in middle-aged men.

While most kidney stones normally move on their own spontaneously within a few days to a few weeks, certain stones can be difficult to remove and cause excruciating pain. In the worst circumstances, you might need surgery to remove kidney stones.

Kidney Stone Surgery

Felix Hospital provides you with the Best Kidney Stone Removal Surgery in Noida. We have some of the very Best Kidney Stone Specialist in Noida. If you are continuously getting haunted by the unrelenting pain caused by the formation of Kidney Stones, then Felix Hospital offers you the Best Kidney Stone Treatment Surgery, with minimal pain and a 100% success rate. If you ever look for the Best Kidney Stone Specialist Near Me, then don’t miss to visit Felix Hospital, which is the one-stop destination for any kind of Kidney Stone Cure.

Kidney 2
Kidney 2



Why You Should Not Delay Kidney Stone Surgery?

Why Laser Surgery for Kidney Stone?

Advantages of Laser Kidney Stone Treatment

Open Surgery Laser Surgery
Cuts Multiple Minimal
Scar & Stitches Multiple Minimal
Procedure Painful Minimal Pain
Blood Lose High Minimal
Infection Chances High Minimal
Recovery Bed Rest Fast Recovery
Hospital Duration 3-4 Days 1 Day
Technology Outdated Advanced

What is the Cost of Kidney Stone Surgery?

The following factors determine the cost of Kidney Stone Surgery :

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Our Experienced Doctor

Dr. Sachin

MBBS,  MS (urology)

Dr. Sachin Khandelwal has over 12 years of experience as a urologist. His area of expertise includes urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney cancer, kidney blockage, and kidney stones. His specialization includes Renal Transplantation Endourology, Laproscopic and Open Surgery Consult him for any issues related to urinary system.

Dr. Bhanwar Lal Barkesiya


Dr. Bhanwar Lal Barkesiya, a Urologist with over 9+ years of experience, is highly skilled and dedicated. His expertise includes identifying, treating, and surgically handling a variety of procedures, such as URSL, TURBT, TURP, PCNL, PCN, DJ exchanges, Urethroplasties, cystolithotomies, lap varicocelectomy, and ureterolithotomies.

Patient Testimonial

My experience with kidney stone surgery at Felix Hospital in Noida was incredibly positive. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The medical staffs were attentive and compassionate. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience at Felix hospital. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs kidney stone surgery.

Abhishek Mathur

I had been dealing with the pain of a kidney stone for some time, but I was very anxious about having surgery. I was very happy with the care and treatment I received at Felix Hospital. The doctor was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure to me. The procedure was done quickly and I was able to go home the same day. I am now feeling much better and have had no further pain. I am very grateful for the care I received at Felix Hospital and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking out for kidney stone surgery.

Naresh Agarwal

My name is Pratik and I recently underwent kidney stone surgery at Felix Hospital in Noida. The treatment I received was top notch and I am very pleased with the outcome. The doctor was understanding and provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The entire process was smooth and efficient. I am very grateful to Felix Hospital.

Pratik Tripathi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Treatment 100% covered under insurance?

Yes, our team will be able to help you in 100% insurance approvals and clearances.

Which doctor will do my Treatment?

We have a team of expert Doctors with 20+ yrs of experience. Your personal medical coordinator will assist you at each step.

How soon can I return to normal day-to-day activities after the Treatment?

You can walk from the next day and can return to normal lifestyle in 7 days.

I do not have too much pain now, why should I get Treatment now?

In many cases, stones can cause swelling, infection of kidney, leading to severe Kidney damage. Our Doctors will be able to help you with multiple surgical & non-surgical treatment options

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