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What is Emergency Medical Service (EMS)?

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a system of trained medical professionals, equipment, and facilities that provide emergency care to patients in critical or life-threatening situations. EMS includes ambulance crews, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, emergency physicians, and other health care providers who provide medical treatment, stabilize the patient’s condition, and transport them to the appropriate medical facility for further care. The goal of Emergency Medical Services is to provide timely and effective medical intervention to save lives, reduce suffering, and improve patient outcomes in emergency situations.

Best Emergency Medical Services

  • Felix Hospital in Noida is a renowned institution providing exceptional emergency medical services. 
  • With advanced technology and a skilled medical team, Felix Hospitals offer prompt and efficient care 24/7. 
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Felix Hospital handles a wide range of emergencies. The dedicated team of experienced physicians and nurses possess extensive expertise in handling diverse emergency cases, including trauma, cardiac emergencies, neurological emergencies, and more. 
  • With a patient-centric approach and streamlined triage system, critical conditions receive immediate attention. 
  • The hospital’s efficient ambulance service ensures rapid response and transportation. Collaboration with specialists enables comprehensive and personalized treatment plans. 
  • Felix Hospital places a strong emphasis on patient education and awareness, conducting regular health camps, seminars, and workshops to empower individuals with knowledge. 
  • With a strong commitment to patient care, advanced technology, and a skilled medical team, Felix Hospital is a ray of hope for those in need of immediate medical attention.

Get Call Back In 10 Minutes

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Emergency Medical Services offered by Felix Hospital

Why Felix Hospital?

What is the Cost of Emergency Medical Services?

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Our Specialist

Dr. Salil Malik MBBS, MEM(USA

Emergency Services

Dr. Salil Malik has over 10 years of experience in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. His area of expertise
includes medical emergencies and trauma care. He has designed special courses for students to train them in
Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Advanced Trauma Life Support.

Patient Testimonial

I had an unforgettable experience at Felix Hospital when I was rushed in for a critical surgical emergency. The entire team, from the emergency department to the operating room, displayed remarkable teamwork and expertise. Their dedication and attention to detail ensured a successful surgery and a smooth recovery. I cannot thank Felix Hospital enough for its exceptional emergency medical services.

Rahul Kumar

I cannot thank Felix Hospital enough for its exceptional emergency medical services. When I was involved in a severe accident, the medical team acted swiftly and efficiently. Their expertise and quick decision-making saved my life. The staff's compassion and support during my recovery were remarkable. I am forever grateful to Felix Hospital for their outstanding care.

Varun Tyagi

My experience at Felix Hospital during a cardiac emergency was truly remarkable. The moment I arrived, I was attended to with utmost urgency and care. The skilled team of doctors and nurses worked seamlessly to stabilize my condition. Their expertise and advanced technology gave me a second chance at life. Felix Hospital exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend their emergency services.

Nandita Saxena

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which number should I dial for emergency services?

In India, the emergency number to dial for medical services is 108. This is a toll-free number for emergency medical services provided by the Government of India. When you call 108, trained professionals will respond and dispatch an ambulance to your location for urgent medical assistance. It is important to note that the availability and reach of emergency medical services may vary in different regions of India.

How can I recognize if a situation is a medical emergency?

Certain signs indicate a medical emergency, including severe or persistent chest pain, difficulty in breathing, sudden loss of consciousness, profuse bleeding, signs of a stroke (such as facial drooping or slurred speech), severe allergic reactions, or major injuries. Trust your instincts and seek immediate medical help if you feel the situation is critical. Felix Hospital is 24*7 ready for any case of emergency, reach out to us at +919871823636

How can I be prepared for a medical emergency?

Being prepared for a medical emergency can make a significant difference. It is advisable to learn basic first aid and CPR techniques. Keep emergency contact numbers readily accessible, create a list of allergies or medical conditions, and consider having a first aid kit at home and in your vehicle.

What should I do if someone is unconscious or not breathing?

If someone is unconscious and not breathing, it is crucial to act quickly. Call for emergency medical assistance and begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), if you are trained. Push hard and fast on the center of the person’s chest until professional help arrives.

Should I drive the person to the hospital in a medical emergency?

In most cases, it is recommended to call emergency services and wait for trained professionals to arrive. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide appropriate care during transportation. Driving the person yourself may delay crucial medical interventions.

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